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All roads are leading to New Orleans Superdome this coming Sunday. Superbowl XVLII is here. Both teams have earned their final berth despite adversity after adversity. Now is the time to show who the real champion is. It is a big thing to go and play in the Superbowl. Many players rarely get this opportunity. And if it does come you cherish it forever. Who wouldn't anyway.

     This year's Superbowl is highly unusual. It starts with a backup quarterback who developed a hot hand last season after taking from no. 1 quarterback who suffered a concussion. Colin Kaepernick is living a dream come true. Then, of course, the Harbough brothers! Yeah! Unusual ha? John coaches the Baltimore Ravens. Jim coaches the San Fransisco 49ers. They are brothers. John and Jim Harbaugh. Joe Flacco is finally having his big payday game. Win the Superbowl, he gets a huge paycheck and becomes one of the few youngest quarterbacks to win the NFL championship game. The story does not end there. There is Ray Lewis! Yes, Lewis is one of the most feared defensive linebackers in the NFL. He reads the game exceptionally well. He commands the team with respect and when he speaks the team listens. He does everything. Here is the the kicker! He is retiring after Superbowl XVLII. Additionally, he is going to enter in the football hall of fame. Now you see why it is highly unusual. Oh, did I mention it is in New Orleans Superdome? Yes, I did. How about that sea-food gumbo?

     On paper, it is a balanced game. However, when you take a closer look at it you come out with a different answer. From where we are looking at we think the Ravens will win. Experience matters the most. The running game for both teams is well oiled. 49ers Frank Gore is a monster while on the run. Ray Rice of the Ravens is hungry when he sees open real estate and you cannot deny him a touchdown. The question is who stays on the field the longest. Whoever it is, is likely to take the Lombardi Trophy home. We are still sticking with the Ravens. Of course Kaepernick has a hot hand and he is such a dangerous offensive weapon with his legs and deep throws. However, Joe Flacco's maturity is reassuring. Plus the Ravens have Ray Lewis who will come up with one or two interceptions. He also gets sacks.  There is Terrel Suggs who if he brings his "A" game, it is going to be a different game altogether. The Ravens have too many arsenals in their nest. There is Ed Reed. He is likley to take two key interceptions. If Joe Flacco is on point on Sunday and he targets Anquawn Boldin, one of his favorite receivers, the City of Baltimore is going to explode.

     Well, we have a lot of Monday morning quartebacking to do next week. Stay tuned as we continue to bring more analysis of this huge game.

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