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Obama Re-elected!

Barack fought the fight! He was rewarded four more years. We saw it coming. We predicted his re-election without flinching or second guessing.Why were we dead-on? No spin in our analysis. Just the bold truth.

     The media, for the large part, has failed to come of age. Reporters and journalists are increasingly becoming partisan. By so doing, they are neglecting the sacred link between the news and the newsreader or newsviewer like you and me. All we need is the truth. Unfortunately, when you listen to the news or read it is slanted one way or the other. Liberal reporters focus on their constituents and give liberal views in their reporting. Conservatives do the same. What we really need is the truth. Digesting every single word should be from us and not members of the media. When NBC projected president Barack Obama the winner of the presidency, right wing members of the media were unbelievable.  It was unreal, yet it was actually real. He was going to win. Some of them were still clutching on straws of grass in a river swollen with downward current. The tide was irreversible. Barack had won. Yes, he did win.

     He won on substance. He focused on harsh realities of life. Although he messed up sometimes during his four-year term, he also delivered. Objective voters notice. You might not believe this reasoning but just take a look at the states Obama carried. He carried Ohio, a sign of appreciation of the automotive bailout. Yes, what matters most is that people are putting food on the table. And without the bailout, forget party ideology, yes, there is no food on the table. Some jobs were saved, it could have been worse. In talking to a friend of mine in Ohio, he said, he was stating to me he hopes Obama wins because the president was good for Ohio. Now, how good was he? It is not our position to qualify, it is only Ohioans who know. One day, I was watching a cable news network, and a gentleman said in Ohio  he was voting for Obama because if the bailout was not supported he probably, and many others would have been in serious trouble financially. He ended up by saying, "Yes, I am Obama all the way". The electorate feels the president did not do good enough. The electorate feels the president did not do bad as well. Therefore it was befitting to give him a second term. And it did.

     Before putting our self interests first, we ought to put lives of others first. Everybody desrves a fair shot in life. This is possible through being tolerant of one another. Agreeing to disagree amiably generates an attractive economic atmosphere. This in turn generates attractive results. But the rhetoric, that was coming out and aimed at this president was so disgusting and equally pathetic. Words like lazy, must resign, has no clue were used against this president. It is so pathetic and foolish to say the least. Even Christians joined the fray as well. Yet if you read the Bible it talks about marvellous deeds of charity and giving. So, what are these Christains saying now? Christ admonishes us to judge not so we cannot be judged. Obama said he is a christian. I am not God to doubt him. There is hypocrisy in the church. Yes, I repeat, there is hypocrisy in the church. In 2008, the church was saying vote the bible, and now the church was saying we are voting the commander-in-chief. Jesus Christ himself will be concerned. Let your yea be yea and nah be nah as the bible says, not acting like a carmeleon. I am glad God rebuked the church. And God has a final say on who is president whether we like it or not.

     We wish this president success. Everyday we will pray so God can guide him in this difficult time. Obama said it best during his United Nations general assembly speech. "I am president of all, even those I disagree with". The far right forgets very easily that as commander-in chief, you owe a duty to defend the rights of everyAmerican and those who are in the territory of the USA. My hope is that Mitch McConell will make it his top priority to work with Obama and create jobs. He is a good guy and he can do it. Abraham Lincoln is renowned for working well with even those who opposed him. McConell can surely be senior enough to accept the hand extended by Barack in an effort to build this country. Republicans need to ask themselves why they lost. An honest answer lies in being objective and gracious enough to accept reality. It is still a party with good human beings. They are trying to help others. Competing interests are coming in though and creating a wedge between. If there is hope at all, that needs to be checked. Objective voters are listening and they will continue to. they will listen in 2014, they will listen 2016 and they also observe. Then they make a decision based on pure facts. Facts are important in life.

Last but not least, Mr. President, congratulations! May God bless you, and may God bless the USA! Ronald Reagan said it the best, "America's best days are ahead". So did Bill Clinton, "Keep thinking about tomorrow".