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Mitt Romeny lost the presidential election. Finger pointing is going on right now as to who is responsible for the loss. But why did Romney lose? Let us examine the issue objectively.

     Let us start with exit polls. According to Reuters/Ipsos, 93% of African Americans voted for Obama and about 71% of Hispanics voted for him as well. This means Obama had to maintain about 40% of the white vote. Many reasons have been given for Romney's loss. In plain English, he lost because the Republican party is not a party of the minority anymore. When you have over 90% and over 70% of some demographics voting against you, you need to take a step back and ask yourself why. There is this notion that those who voted for Obama believes in government helping them. Therefore, no matter what, they would for the party that helps them. What a lousy notion? Keep in mind the government has helped Republicans too. What planet are Republican leaders  living on? In an election, there are some trivial issues not worth mentioning, particularly in a closely divided nation. You cannot afford to alienate one vote. Yes, just one vote could be the difference.

     Are Republicans bad people? No. Are they evil people? No. You might have a few who are extreme. Voters have to be treated seriously. You cannot casually view them and expect to coast to victory. You have to connect with them. You are inviting them to join your agenda, therefore the agenda better be good or else.

     Is the Republican party still the party of Abraham Lincoln? It is very difficult to tell. Lincoln is considered one of the best president America has ever had. But why? He had a good heart. He was humanistic. When he was a trial lawyer, his reputation for arguing cases fairly did not go unnoticed. He worked with his opponents in government. He appointed his adversaries without flinching to governmental posts. He helped both the poor and and the needy. In short, Abe was just plain good. Yes, I like him a lot. He was a good man. The question then is how can this Republican party be so disconnected from the ideals and visions of Abraham Lincoln? This is what they need to answer and start addressing. If they do not, they will be extinct. They need to find common ground without compromising the Republican ideals. 93% of African Americans are not all wrong in what they see and hear. So do 71% of Hispanics. You can deny that, but it is a fact. Numbers do not lie.