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The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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On graduation day there is usually an air of excitement. It is fuelled by the feeling of conquering. You go through a four year journey. During this period, there are trial and tribulations. You are full of hope and ultimately you triumph. Reliving your college life makes tears roll down your cheeks. You are feeling a huge sigh of relief. In front of you is tomorrow. Yes, a tomorrow that is fraught with hope.

     The critical question is what type of tomorrow will it be financially? Is it six months from graduation you begin paying back those school loans you borrowed plus interest? And for how many years? These are practical questions you have answer and deal with in the process. As pointed out in earlier blogs, you have to expect payment of these loans. they are not for free. That is why they are called student loans. Now, if you are bold, determined and you see the end now, good for you. It means you made a conscious decision of graduating debt free. When in school payment was done monthly or something similar. Graduating for you is hilarious because there is no mountain of debt to be tackled. Indeed it is an excellent feeling. Upon getting a job, paying back student loans is one less headache you have to deal with. You can even invest some of the money so it can earn return. You can employ it in various provinces of your activities. It is many things that can be done. One point to note is that you are a step ahead of many of your college peers.

     If this is the case, that graduating debt free is good for your future, why is student loan situation in the USA escalating? Well, sometimes we gravitate towards what is easy. And you are easily tempted because student loans are readily available. A few try paying cash as they go. It is not easy but can be done. The ancilliarly benefits of paying cash and using academic scholarship are evident. Firstly, you are paying for your education as you go thereby eliminate the possibility of student debt. Secondly, upon graduation, you are starting your life with a better chance of building your future. It makes sense to strive graduating debt free. Is it easy to? That is a critical question which can only be answered by you. When one graduates, there are some immediate issues of life you have to address. You want to buy a car if you have none. Probably there is need for an apartment or flat. The prospect of new clothes, new furniture and other items comes your way. Of course, you have to deal with it.

     You can see, graduating debt free is probably the best way to go. It creates an attractive atmosphere of growth. Would you consider paying cash while in college. I did. Cash and academic sholarship were important in my experience. Can you graduate debt free. Absolutely! You can. I did. Please help me spread the word, if you can refer this article to as many people as possible, that would be great. Thank you.


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