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Studying in the USA

Many international students come to study in the USA. Why? Predominantly, this country attracts international students because it is a nation of immigrants. These students come from all walks of life. This leads me into this question, what does it take to study in the USA. Can you graduate debt free? Yes. I did.

     Many of my classmates were from Africa, Asia, Carribean, Latin America, Pacific Rim, Europe, and various islands. A a majority of these students graduated debt free. They did not take school loans. Instead they pay cash.  On graduation day they were more than happy. Whether you are from China, Southern Africa, South America or any country for this matter, you still need a strategic plan to successfully come and study in the United States of America. You might have heard how challenging it is to study here, but if you are good at planning and have a vision, it is not.

     Let us say you are a Chinese student coming to study in the USA. I had a lot of classmates from China and they taught me a little Chinese. We had fun. Now, you focus on coming into the States to a college of your choice. Make sure you have enough funds to cover your room and board. You do not want to come in and you are stranded. Of course you already know the degree you intend to study. You cannot afford to be exploratory major. If it is accounting, you stick with accounting to the end. This way you graduate on time. As far as strategies you can read the ones explained in this blog column or you can come up with yours. The goal is to focus on graduating successfully. On average it takes about 4 years to complete a bachelor's degree. That is a total of 8 semesters. It also takes about 2 years on average to complete a masters. Keep in mind all these points. Various scholarships are available but it depends on each school. My advice is to apply to various schools and then pick out the best one for you.

     Once you are in school, you focus on execution. Maintain excellenet grades. It does help a lot. We explore this topic in the near future but for now have fun reading strategies on graduating debt free.

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