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Student Loans Are not an Option!


The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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Student Loans No More Indeed!

Before you take student loans, please read these blog articles. After reading them, digest the content. You probably will realize you do not really need student debt. Of course it means crafting your own path to a debt free graduation. At least the blog articles get you started.

     I am a student of no student loans. Pursuing my bachelor of science degree at undergraduate taught me one can graduate debt free. Even my Masters in Business Administration, it was the same. How did I do it? Frequently this question crosses my pathway. The blog articles explain in detail my strategies and you can possibly use them to your advantage. Can you do it? Absolutely. Those seeking to go to college next semester, this is a perfect opportunity to test what we been discussing and talking about all along. You need a starting point and with some level of support you are on your way to a debt free graduation. The most difficult part is usually the first part. Resolve should be intiated by you and you follow through on it.

     Often times, parents ask me whether I think their children can graduate debt free. My answer is usually with an emphatic yes. Why? It can be done, and their children are not an exception. They do need guidance and encouragement though. The road is not always easy or rosy. Bumps in the road always come up. Determination, focus, and consistency become everyday vocabulary as you prosecute your studies. Yes, it is both fun and a pain too. Yet persistency gives you the much needed edge and accomplishing a debt free college career. You get to start off in life with no debt and assist others in the process. You are not an exception. You can do it. I did it!

     Student loans! Stop! You do not need them. For far too long we have been told you cannot do without them. They have become a necessity. But is it true? Only if you believe what is being said. Believing is yet another key ingredient in terms of graduating with no debt. It helps to put things in perspective and guides you throughout the process. Those who belive end up reaping gigantic rewards in life. You can too. So, as the first semester comes, take a shot at planning on taking no loans. Yes, go with strictly cash and academic scholarship. there is no doubt in my mind about you graduating debt free.

     Here is yet another incentive for you to graduate with no debt. Rather than pay $400.00 after graduating would you want to use that money investing or towards your mortgage? That is a school of thought for you. Indeed something to ponder on. I wish you the best.


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