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The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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Debt free graduation? Are you serious? How is that possible? Can my daughter do that? Can my son do that too? With the way the economy is, could that be possible? I wish you had written your e-book when I was in college, I would not be suffering the pain of paying back school loans.

     Yes, these are questions from the audience at a high school college fair in Baltimore, Maryland I was invited to speak. On this particular day, October 11th, 2012, I was promoting two of my books. These books, namely, How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No Debt, and also What Every Athlete Should Know About His/Her Money: And We Are All Athletes. These books can be purchased from Barnes&,, and many major online retailers. Just type Tafadzwa Nhira in the search column and they will pop up.

     What got my attention was that a good number of people did not know one can graduate debt free. It is a sad reality. In the book, How To Graduate Debt Free ($9.99) I lay out a practical path on receiving your diploma without debt. That is exactly what I did for all my degrees. It was cash and scholarships all the way. Also, on this website, there is a series I created, in MP3 audio sound ($120.00). Once you purchase it you can listen to it. It is 3 audio sounds you can listen to once you download on to your laptop or computer. What if you do not have the money to buy these products, well, do not worry. As much as I am blessed by your purchasing the products, I am blessed by putting free information on this blog. Hopefully that allows you to com up with a strategic winning plan. And you can.

     One of the things I noticed while speaking was the fact that upon mentioning one of the strategies of taking easy classes at the beginning of the semester and subsequent ones, people were surprised. However, when they found out academic scholarships are awarded on the strength of your grade point average, they concluded it was a brilliant idea. My encouragement to you is to do the same. Keep in mind if the cost of college degree is $80,000.00, it does not mean you are paying all at once. Divide this cost by 4 years or the number of years it takes you to graduate. In this case it is $20,000.00 per year. Then divide further by 12 months or semester/term. You are looking at $10,000.00 per semester. Begin looking for funding through scholarships such as academic, workstudy, non-refundable grants if there are some. Take $10,000.00 for instance. if you get academic scholarship of $3,000.00 per semester, now you are down to $7,000.00. Add work study scholarship of $4,000.00 now you are down to $3,000.00. Work during the summer and come up with $8,000.00 and apply $3,000.00 and keep the balance to start your next semester. Keep in mind these are some of the ways you could attain a debt free college academic career. Other avenues we will discuss include athletic scholarships, part-time work, your business, yes, your business can be part of the strategy.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile if you can order your ebook today on amazon kindle, barnes&noble nook, sonny ireader, apple ipad to read more comprehensive discussion. Yes, please assist me in spreading this website message and my books so my story can be heard. We can transform college education by seeing the end now. No more school loans anymore!

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