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As 12th graders are getting ready to graduate, they are also busy applying for admission into college. In some countries it is form 4 or Advanced level. Regardless of what grade you are in, the task of choosing a college is emminent when you are ready to graduate. This is also the time to identify that ideal school which can assist you in graduating debt free.

     Yes, some schools do a great job in helping their students graduate with very little debt if any. At this point in time, you must have a strategic plan to land you some scholarship. We talked at length about academic scholarships. They help if you consistently maintain good grades. There are also athletic scholarships too. All these types of scholarships help you to toss the hat with no debt. Now, even when choosing schools, that can make thousands of dollars difference. Yes, call and find out scholarship programs. Find out any nonrefunadble grants they give. Make sure you state that you are shopping around for which college to get into. Make sure you have multiple colleges you apply to and obtain their finacial assistance programs. When you finally talk to the admissions office, you will be surprised to see how much money they will give you. If you can get ahead by their assistance, that would be great. Some independently wealthy people donate money to colleges and universities to give to needy students. Yes, I received $900.00 dollars every semester for 4 years when I was in college. It was a lot of money for me. Now, here is the kicker, I did not know there was this money until I asked. It does not hurt you to ask for assistance. You would be interested in knowing there are good samaritans out there. When they are ready to expire, they donate millions if not billions of dollars. Sometimes this money is just sitting out there until somebody asks for it. Be the first! You heard from me.

     Keep in mind many colleges and universities want you to do well. They are interested in your success. Of course they do well if you are successful. It does you good to ask for assistance. Never hesitate to ask. Getting some money to start with puts you ahead of the rest. I did that as well. You just have to come up with the difference and sometimes the difference is not much. Graduating debt free is not rocket science yet we tend to make it seem so.

    As you begin your school search, focus on the strategy that gives you cash and not loans. In the process be hopeful and expectant and something positive will occur to you. Please spread this message to anybody you know. I want this message known by the entire world. Thank you.

     Keep dreaming and see the end now!


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