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Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey day is here. November 22nd to be exact! Groceries stores are being inundated by a flurry of shoppers. Mothers are being bombarded with questions about this year's meal. Are we ready? Do we have green beans? What about the pumpkin pie? And the turkey? Of course you cannot forget the turkey or else ther is no thanksgiving?

     In America, thanksgiving day is a special day. Families get together and spent sometime. They get to mention things they are thankful about. Some try to count their blessings one by one, while others just thank God for his goodness. Yes, he is a good God. I count my blessings and I cannot finish them. But there is one I am particularly thankful about. It is the fact that I went to college in Tulsa Oklahoma. My first degree is a bachelor of Science with a major in Accounting. My second degree is an MBA with two concentration namely Finance and Management. I give thanks to God because I graduated debt free. Yes, I did not owe the USA government any dime. My passion about how to graduate debt free is real and deeply felt. It is a practical experience. If you have not done so, I urge you to read my blogs in here. Also, my book is on sale on all major online retailers. You type Tafadzwa Nhira and it will pop up. I thank God if you buy the book as well. If you find it good or worthwile, please recommend it or pass it on. It will be an honor. Isn't it amazing that a little e-book for a very small amount shows how you can graduate debt free. Rather than graduate with over $100,000.00 in debt you have no debt when you toss the cap. Yes! That is the design.

     If you have already read my blog, now is the time to reflect upon it. Please take time to share with your family and friends during this holiday. Tell them about the prospect of graduating debt free. Tell them about the encouragement I have been sharing with you. Tell them it is possible to do. You never know, you might save one person thousands of dollars. The world is supossed to be enjoyed and not nedured. But we cannot enjoy if we are saddled with debt. The time is now to begin a debt free life. Let us work hard to get out of our debts. Let us take one area at a time. I am quite confident you will graduate debt free. I am confident you will make it with no school loans. Yes, your daughter, son, nephew, niece or just about anybody will be debt free on graduation day. Why? It can be done. It was done by some before you. It is possible. No more school loans. I am pulling for you. Here is my website to refer in social media:

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey! Don't forget the stuffing and cranberry sauce! Yum! Stay tuned.

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