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The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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Debt Free: On graduation day!

Debt free! Yes, on graduation day, you are likely to be debt free. The question is have you taken the necessary steps to do so. In addition to purchasing an electronic ebook: How To Graduate debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals of Graduating With No Debt, currently available on for $9.99,, sony ireader, apple ipad, kobo, copia, ebookpie, gardner, baker&taylor, you can also follow my blog. Please make sure it is one of your favorites in your browser. This way you can check on latest develpoments and other informative golden nuggets of life.

     At this juncture, for those in college, university or technical schools, let me encourage you to stay focused. The decison to graduate debt free is important. We have at length talked about game plans of how you can attack college expenses. Anybody willing to do so can accomplish it.

     Dealing with frustration can be challenging. Probably you have failed a test or two. At this point you are asking, is this really worth it? Should I just take school loans and pay later? Well, let us take a look at this senario. Remember in the earlier posts we mentioned that school loans are not any option. Indeed they are not. Think of the financial burden you are putting on yourself in the future. You have to pay them back. And of course they are not free! The best route to take is to focus on what you have failed. Remember, failing means you have not achieved the required threshhold to register a passing mark. Period! The silver lining is you can make adjustment through various avenues like corrections of assignment to obtain credit, extra credit if possible or allowed. Vist the professor or instructor and find out what you need to do in order to do well in the class. Look at how you are utilizing your time. If you are spending your time partying instead of studying, yes you will fail. Assess and adjust. Strive for an A grade all the time. Academic scholarships are grade driven. Study! Study! And please study! The thrill of passing an examination or test you studied for is equally gratifying. Go for it. Make some time. create some time. Improvise if you work. Flash cards in your car should be always a tool to live by. Yes, in a traffic jam, by the light or robot stop. Even using tapes, cd, dvd, radio whatever voice devices you can to retain material. be innovative. Your instuctor is key as well. Please refer to if you my MP3 files on this website. I put a comprehensive package on voice showing you some nuggets as well.

     Do I have confidence in you! Absolutely! Why? If I can do it it, you can do it too. Be encouraged. Keep seeing the end now. Remember, school loans are not an option! Please, if you do not mind, refer my website to your friends, relatives, and anybody you know in college or intending to go to college. Yes, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Myspace and the like. Who knows this message may help somebody. You would have helped in the process. Thank you. Stay tuned.

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