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Debt Free: Mid-term review

The presidential election is come and gone. Obama won. Romney lost. The candidates talked about all other issues at length. Very little, if any, was said about the cost of eduaction. No one even mentioned the mounting debt of student loans. Well, this gives us an opportunity to explore the issue further. It also gives us the chance to start addressing it on our own. We cannot wait for government to address it nor the presidential candidates. Governement is not addressing it, neither did the presidential candidates. But we have to. In my opinion, student loans are another economic disaster waiting to happen. Therefore we need to urgently look at ways of solving the problem now.

     If you have been following the blog articles on this website,, you probably are way ahead of the majority in terms of understanding it is possible to graduate debt free. By just having that idea, you can potentially save yourself some money in the long run. I graduated debt free both undergraduate and graduate school. What you are reading is practical experience far from theory or doubtful methods. My book, How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals Of Graduating With No Debt is currently selling on amazon kindle, barnesandnoble nook, sony ireader, apple ipad and many other online retailers. You can download yours today and enjoy reading the path way to a debt free gradaution.

     Having said all this, let us review the mid-term of our journey. Feel free to share your comments on the blog. You probably can encourage somebody with your story. At this point, we need to take a look at our grades. Keep in mind part of our strategy is obtaining academic scholarships. You can do so through a strong grade point average. Even if you are in high school, excellent grades means money. Yes! That is right. You have to focus intensely on grades. Please do read the blog published on November 4th, 2012. Are your grades where they need to be? If they are great. If not let us immediately address this issue. Never wait for grades to become an issue. We talked at length in earlier blogs the best way to obtain good grades. Please refer to those. In a nutshell, your grades must be monitored on a daily basis. This means doing your homework, assignments and keep track of your scores. Do not wait at the end of the week. Do corrections immediately to get credit. Study for exams or tests. If you can afford buy the MP3 audio voice series on this website, purchase one. It is a three-series course on how to graduate debt free. The whole course is about 73 minutes. It is a powerful series with golden nuggets that can possibly hand you a debt free graduation.

     How are we doing financially now as the semester or term is winding down. Please remember one step at a time. If you are having financial difficulty, map out a strategy. You can be behind on payments but explain to the student accounts people that you will be paying the balance. You will shovelling snow on the side walk during Christmas break. There is some work lined up already to come up with the difference. Speak with the director of accounts if you are behind in payments to get caught up with your accounts. Sometimes not speaking costs you. Therefore, speak up. If you are ahead of the game, great. My assumption is you have all As in grades, your GPA is looking pretty good. You have done a marvelous thing of keeping up with payments. Now is the time to look at next semester or term. Strategize and plan accordingly to have a successful academic semester/term. Is that important? Are you kidding me? You have to plan. You finish the semester strong. Yes, this can be the difference. I have confidence in you. You can do it. School loans are not an option! At the end, you will be encouraged, knowing you are starting in life with no loans to pay back. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Yes, you can do it. Please, help me to get my story out. Refer my website to your friends, social media, groups comapnies and many. We can change the world by just doing one step at a time. Thank you and stay tuned.

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