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Seeing the end now.

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The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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Debt Free Graduation Key Principle

Revisiting the key principle of debt free graduation

Debt free graduation has a key principle attached to itself. Seeing the end now enables you to focus and concentrate on the bigger picture. When you visualize the day you graduate and realize on this particular day, you have no student loans to pay back, it feels great. You get energized. Even if it feels challenging sometimes, but with the end in sight, you overcome.

This approach effectively worked for me. I already saw the end. I saw no debt on my graduation day. The hat thrown in the air was just full of joy and excitement and knowing there was no five hundred dollars or any amount to pay back monthly. It also gave me discipline. Time was used wisely. I remember fondly those years. Some days were good. Some were not so good. And some were just some of those days you felt, well, I have to deal with this. The passage of time ushered new dynamics of life. Doors of opportunities kept opening and on graduation day, I was a happy camper. Friends and relatives asked me how I managed to pull the feat. My response was informing them I kept seeing the end then.

On face value, it seems this principle does not mean a whole lot. In reality it does. You plan in advance. You set your standards of living while in college. Then you adhere to them. You police yourself and make adjustments where necessary. Setbacks come along the way and you handle them appropriately. Nothing dissuades from your vision. You stay strong, focused and solid as the rock of Gibralter. Nothing deters you from accomplishing the goal in front of you. You will notice the difference from your peers too. Why are you so goal oriented? Why do you study all the time? You are always in a hurry. You seem to know what to do at any time. These are some of the questions you are likely to be asked. The beauty of it all is that you know the answers to these questions. Once you set standards driven by your goal, they become your compass to the far destination you seek to reach. And the journey is full of twists and turns but ultimately you reach it.

The rewards of seeing the end now are great. The assumption is at the end you achieve the goal. Imagine starting out in life with no debt of school loans. You are one step ahead of many people. As I speak and promote my books and message, those saddled with student loans ask where I was when they were in college. “I would not be in such a mess I am in right now had I been exposed to your message earlier in life”. A friend of mine’s daughter has to pay over $600.00 a month of student loans until 2036. Yes, when I told she ought to plan and try to pay it off like in 5 years she looked at me and she said, “Great idea. All the money I can save thereafter would be great”. It leaves you with more disposable income. This allows you to channel resources to other areas. You do not have to deal with the idea of paying back any money. Instead you have actually enhanced the level of your life style and help those in need. Such is the beauty of following and attaining the intended results.

The end is far but the vision is near. Seeing it is not impossible. It is within easy reach and all you have to do is adjust your focus lenses. Begin seeing the end now. May your graduation day be full of joy and happiness as you know it is debt-free.

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