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Christmas Break

Christmas break is here. As a student trying to graduate debt free what are you thinking? Spending some quality time with your family and friends? Possibly. It is good. It feels you with joy. Yes, you would be seeing people you have not seen in a long time. The question is: when you go back to school, how do you begin your semester or term? The assumption is you probably have registered for the semester. You assessed your financial situation and probably are feeling pretty good. What about the tuition and board?

     Well, that is part of the discussion of this blog. Looking at various ways of paying for college as you go. Any mode of doing so is accepted. The goal is to owe nobody anything. And you can do it without a doubt. People who see the end now always accomplish the desired goal. This key principle is golden nugget which nobody should ignore. This means you have your game plan mapped out for the break. It is usually good to have one as you strive to accomplish your goal. During the break, on-campus employment has some temporary jobs. Start off by going to career jobs center and see what is posted. Traditionally these jobs are fairly easy to do and you can do them.

     Once you get a job or two depending on how many hours you work, plan on depositing the entire paycheck in your bank account. This way when schools are open, you have money to at least get validated into the school system. Failing to do so precludes you from accomplishing your ultimate goal. During college days I worked in the paint shop and cafeteria. Did it help? Yeah, big time. When I went to register to get back in class, the money was readily availavble. It paid off. Those jobs really came through for me. As you trudge and saunter on campus, keep your eyes out for summer jobs. Never take an job for granted. You have no time for being picky. Your journey to graduating debt free is one step at a time. Funds are needed to register for class and any job that provides you with them, you should go for it. Eventually, you would be happy you took that step.

     Christmas comes but once in a year. Take whatever gift comes your way and any job that comes your way. On graduating day, you will have no debt. Keep the fight.

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