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Be Safe!

Thanksgiving is finally here! I am ready for that organic Turkey the good Lord has blessed me with. But before I help myself, those college students and everybody travelling, please ensure you travel safely. If you are driving long distance, do allow enough driving time.

     At we pray for safe travel. May the good Lord be with you. If you are tired, PLEASE pull over. Take a break, even if it means you will sleep more hours than you intended. It is okay. Check in a motel, hotel and resume when you are fresh. You will eventually get there. As you drive, pay attention to speed limits. They are there for a reason. If you are pulled over, God forbid cooperate. Always say yes sir, or yes madam. Officers are doing their job, even if they are wrong and you know you are right, please do not argue. You want to have a happy thanksgiving. And the good Lord will grant it to you. Because he is so good.

Again, be safe and peaceful. Enjoy your holiday. One more favor I may ask. Please forward this message to a friend. You never know. Thank you.

Peace. Again, happy thanksgiving.

Tafadzwa  Nhira

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