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The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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A Case for Addressing School loans now.

Upon graduating from college or university, the immediate action to take is looking for a job in the career you are trained for. Whether you find a job or not depends on many factors. Currently unemployment is high in many countries. This means a good number of people are on the job market. Once they find a job they have to contend with paying back student loans. Uncle Sam in the USA wants his money back. Yes, our favorite uncle has needs to. He might loan you some student loans but do not expect that loan to go away. Our uncle will ensure he got his money back plus interest.

     Having talked to many people about school loans, my conclusion is people dive into school loans for several reasons. Why is it that some people graduiate debt free, while others do so with debt right up to their eyeballs? Belief! Some people believe you can graduate debt free. Others believe you will always graduate with debt regardless of what you think or can do. Are these two positions sustainable? Yes. They are both valid in substance. Those who graduated with no debt always tell me they believed graduating debt free is important. Some even write a mission statement for it. This serves as a clear reminder that what you believe in develops into reality. Graduating with debt, however, should not be taken lightly. Yet currently, there is very little being offered to discuss the issue. It is time we spoke vehemently about this issue. It is in our best interest and the future generation. This has nothing to do with your political affiliation but your future. Stop and think for a minute. If graduating withno debt, it gives them an added advantage of starting their life. No school loans to pay means more dispoasble income at their disposal. The economic situation is more than likely to improve. The propensity to save is likely enhanced as well. It sounds simple on the face of it but is it easy to do? The answer is no. That is why I am on mission to spread my message  on graduating debt free. You can read all my blogs on this website. Please put in your favorite browser section. More blog articles will be featured. Share them with others if you can. Together we can make a tremendous difference.

     We can avert collapse of our economy, by beginning to take simple steps in addressing these issues. It is imperative we do so. Many various ways of achieving debt free college eduaction are available. They have been proven and they do work. Companies that employ students need to be given an incentive to continue employing students. Before you realize, school loans will become a thing of the past. It is hard work but pays off big time.

     Please do me a favor, refer this website to all your friends, relatives, colleagues and just about anybody whom you know. Why? I am only one person putting my message out there. When I talk to people they are usually saying this message should have come out way earlier on. I am encouraged by those who have e-mailed me back with feedback. You might think it is only one referal but, if that person ends up graduating debt free, gess what? You and I would have accomplished our part. Yes, YOU and I. The world is designed for fellowship and not destruction. Thank you in davance.

     Stay tuned.

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