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Bargain Hunter 101


Value in Bargain Hunting

Bargain hunters have been around for ages. They know what they want. They know what they need. More important, they know when to buy and when not to. They are not buying for the sake of buying. They buy because there is value in the item they are buying and they are paying a bargain price.

     Those who buy stocks, they wait until the price is artificially low. At that point it is ripe for the taking. The understanding is the price is unfairly punished but it is likely to go up. Warren Buffet, the oracle of Omaha, is known for this. He has made billions of dollars using this strategy. It seems to pay off given the fact if fundamentals are strong, the stock is likely to go up. You have to have the patience and due diligence to pour in time over financial reports and read those SEC filings to understand what is going on before you commit your funds. However, if you do have the time, you are likely to be rewarded.

     Bargain hunting is not restricted to stocks or investment world. Even to daily basic needs of life such as groceries, carwash, gasoline, clothing, electronic gadgets, purchase of a car, purchase of house and the list goes on. Yes, those who do their home work end up smiling all the way to the bank. One most important rule I have observed is to know when to buy. In graduate school, for stocks, the proverbial question was always: "When is the best time to buy stocks?". The answer was simple. The response was always: "When you see blood in the street". Everybody was scared to buy because the Dow had lost so and so points. Not quite everybody! Except the bargain hunters. They go and begin looking to see which stocks wre unfairly punished and then purchase those. They focused on the intrinsic value of the stock rather than the current price which they knew would eventually go up. When it did, they made their money big time. But only a few manage to do so for several reasons. 1. They are not afraid to buy because of the blood in the street. 2. They are positioned to do so because they have cash ready to be comitted into the market. It pays to get involved in bargain hunting.

     Grocery stores have a lot bargains. They have wildly discounted prices sometimes. It might be a week, a month and so forth. Have you ever considered buying day old bread for $1.00 less than normal price. I see you are frowning. Well, let us see. You go into a store and buy the same bread for $2.00. What you do not know is that that the store is using first in first out. So, if the bread is still within its shelf life, whether it was put on the shelf yesterady or two days ago, you are not buyinganything better than one who goes and buys at day old bread store. Actually, it might be fresher than the store bread. And you are walking away with a loaf of bread $1.00 less expensive. You got it! But why is it that we do not think like that. Well, we are programmed to think a certain way and we become oblivious to our surroundings. Continue buying the bread on your way from work and see how many dollars you end up serving after 365 days. Let us assume you use bread everyday in your household. That is $365.00 you save in a year. I got you interested now. What will you do with $365.00 you just found? I am going to find you some money. Are you ready? Let us go!

     When do you fill your gas tank? Friday, Staurday, Sunday or Monday? I will give you free money you never thought about. Best days to fill your gas tank are either Wednesday or Thursday. Why? You get 5 cents or 10 cents off. Is that a lot of money? You bet. On a cumulative basis it adds up. if your gas tank holds 22 gallons at 10 cents off ecah week or trip to the gas station how much money do you have at the end of the year. Let us calculate. 22gal x 10 cents = $2.20. After one year you looiking at a nice sum of change of $114.40. Multiply that by 1o years that gives you $1,144. 00. You get the picture. It is tremendous value in bargain hunting. It helps you even in difficult times.

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