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Bargain Hunter 101


Traits of Bargain Hunters

Value is what they are looking for. They are good planners. they are time conscious. Their mind is always running and looking for hidden deals. One way or the other, they find the value and they make a purchase. They also delay gratification a lot.

     For about a year, they talk about events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday shopping and many other specials. In the process, they are stashing away cash in order to make the ultimate purchase. Yes, they are patient. They are like a vulture. It is a patient bird. It waits and waits and when the carcass is available, it pounces on it. Everything they do is according to plan. They have managed to do more with less. In their conversation, they attach cost associated with a purchase more than anything else. Whether it is a little pocket calculator or cell phone calculator they pull, routinely they crunch numbers to see where they can eke out some value. Yes, they compare and contrast prices. Until they find their bargain, they do not stop.

    Do they use credit card or cash? From my observation, it is a combination. Some use cash. Others use credit cards. Those I talked to, if they use cash they plan on paying it off within a month. Predominantly it is cash. They understand time value of money very well.  Never throw away valuable opportunity of saving. They will do everything humanely possible to score points on saving. Cash building is one of their strongest traits. They understand it builds layers of potential. When they strike it they are as ecstatic as you can imagine. Bargain hunters are a rare specimen. But they are human beings like you and me. The only difference is that they do not like to splurge on lavish items. They are extremely conservative. They believe in opportunities coming along the way. They reckon doing well by employing right approaches toward finding bargains.

     When they buy items, they ensure it is well kept. It is maintained as per the manual. They even talk about life span of their purchases. Sometimes that life span surpasses standard product life span. One of them told me that preserving and sustaining wealth is not rocket science. Sometimes we do make it rocket science yet it is not. Are they right? I am inclined to agree with them. Effective bargain hunting is done in small steps. you finally combine those steps together and you are amazed by how much wealth you accumulate over time. Check out other blog articles on this website, you wuill see some practical examples of bargain hunting. It pays to bargain hunt. Yes, it does, big time.

     Come buying opportunity, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, are you a bargain hunter? You decide. Stay tuned!

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