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Bargain Hunter 101


Coupons in loacl Newspapers

Where can you find bargains these days? Various places of course. One area which you can is through your local newspaper. Why? Local companies are likely to advertise and put coupons in these papers. All you have to do is sit down by your table and cut the coupons. You only cut the ones you need.

     Our local news paper sends us the Sunday paper with tremendous amounts of coupons. This reduces our grocery bill tremendously. At first glance it might seem just a little, but with time it is going to quite a bit. As an incentive, track your savings. This will give you the energy to engage in coupon cutting. We know that little things add up. Virtually anywhere coupon opportunities are available, you can cut and utlize them. While companies are promoting their products, you benefit from the promotions themselves. As you buy products, focus on items on sale. Additionally, buy from stores that double up the coupons. Yes, extreme couponers have actually gotten change back from retailers.

     As long as competition is there, you will always get coupons. As you plan your day, week or month, leave some room for coupon hunting. If you are in college and you live off campus. Coupons are a great way of saving money. Yes, this is in line with graduating debt free. If you are a family, coupons can give you extra value. If you cut coupons worth $500.00 per year, this can translate into $5,000.00 in ten years and double in 20 years. Ultimately this opens up more opportunities for you. The money can be used for investment purposes and let it grow. There are various ways of doing more with less.

     The question now is have you ever used coupons? If you have continue doing so. If not consider using them. They are a graet way of saving.

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