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Bargain Hunter 101


Black Friday Brought Fights As well

Black Friday seems to be growing popular. Every year you see an enthusiastic crowd everywhere in these giant retailers. The retailers themselves seem to cash in on the concept of lost leader. Yes, they put a few items on steep discounts but they still have others marked at either relatively higher prices or normal prices. Just when you think you are brilliant is when you realize not quite.

     Well, our bargain hunters know that very well. When they go in, they are holding their list on hand. yes, they stick to it. They get an item they want and leave. They are not buying a bunch of things and some of them do not need. More importantly, they have been planning for it for quite a while. Now is the time they are actually purchasing the much longly waited for item.

     What has annoyed many bargain hunters I have talked to this year, are the sporadic fights and brawls for items. I am sure you have witnessed some brawls either online or live in a shop or store. Now, that is pathetic! When you go out shopping it is supposed to be enjoyed. You are supposed to have fun while shopping. However, the level of hooliganism and savagely displayed by some shoppers deserves the strongest condemnation. Fighting for items is uncalled for. If you do not get what you need, go to another store, as simple as that. What if you do not get it in that store agin, well you get a life! Why fighting? it is uncalled for? Equally ridiculous! Being hurt simple for an item is senseless. Those who seek to beat other peple should desist from such moronic action. Such barbaric acts belong to the middle ages and Platonic ages as Greeks sought all kinds of barbaric acts towards fellow Greeks. We are in the 21st Century where the mind of many is known for great and tremendous ingenuity. It is a shame you still see acts of violance particularly in the USA, where the citizenry is supposed to be civilized and be all about town.

     My hope is next year's Black Friday is civilized, calm and brawal free.

     Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned.

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