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Bargain Hunter 101


Best Time to Buy Clothes

When is the best time to buy clothes? Anytime you answer the question and give a spefic time is an indication that you are probably paying too much for your products or items. The best answer is summed up in one phrase and that is: It depends. Contrarian buyers buy when everybody is not buying. They study the market place, then make an educated decision on whether they should buy or wait for the right time.

     First, never pay exorbitant amount of money for clothes. There are too many stores out there fighting for customers. They want your business, Yes, the proverbial saying the customer is king is true. You are a king/queen. Why? because you have cash! Today, I opened up my e-mail, one of my favorite stores is offering $70.00 for one suit and then you get 3 for free. This the first time this has happened. They are also offering $40.00 dollar suits for ladies and you get 3 for free. Now, is this better than bargain hunting? It is still bargain hunting, except it is more than bargain hunting. The suits are styled in Italy. they are of a fine fabric. What does this mean? Well, it means for $70.00 plus hemming cost of $40.00 you get 4 suits. Yes, that means you are walking away with a suit of $28.50 tha normaly cost about $200.00. Is that a bargain? I think it is.

     Second, do your homework. Do not just buy anything that comes your way. Shop around. Compare and contrast. Then make a commitment when you are fully satisfied. This is your hard earned money. Take time. Sometimes walk away from the table if you are not fully satisfied. Consumers have tremendous amount of power of choice and they just do not know. You have the power to choose store A versus store B for several reasons. Store B has to react in response to your choice. See! Who said you do not matter? You matter a lot. The same goes for a bank, credit card comapny, college, and so forth. We all have a degree of choice to exercise in front of us.

     The best time to buy is when it is attractive to do so. Buy at the right time. Save big on your purchase. I bought a sweater marked down from $42.00 to $2.00. How is that possible? Well, stores do mark downs, then mark downs on mark downs and even steep discounts. Your bargain is out there, just do the shopping around. Share with us your success story in the comment section. We do not sell or rent your e-mail address.

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