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Bargain Hunter 101


Bargain Hunters and a Knack for Value

Bargain hunters have been around for a long time. They will be for some time to come. Value is what they are looking for. And they sure do know how to find it.

     When the economy is gone south, they see tremendous amounts of opportunities. A majority would be seeing disaster. Bargain hunters would be seeing opportunities of growth, value and discounted prices. They have cash at their disposal. Buying is not an issue. They usually save money and buy at the opportune time. One person who comes to mind is the Oracle of Omaha. He buys predominantly stocks. He just does not buy anyhow. He lurks for the right time, right buy and at the right price. He goes for those stocks that are wildly discounted in price but with good fundamentals. Am I surprised that Warren Buffet is a billionaire? No. The guy understands very well how the stock market works. And when he speaks, people listen.

     Other bargain hunters look at different areas of opportunities. Real estate presents a fertile ground for bargain hunting. Why? Well, when the housing market gets depressed, home values substantially go down. People are not keen on buying houses during this time. However, our hunters are palpitating with a keen eagerness to buy an attractive investment. It is their understanding although the value is significantly down, over the course of time it will rise. Yes, they are patient. They do whatever it takes to obtain an attractive investment. In other words, they do know when to buy and when not to buy. Their wisdom of finding value is grounded in basic fundamental reasoning in terms of investments or just finding bargain items. This leads us into the question of how to become a bargain hunter?

     Please read the article in this section; Bargain Hunter 101. It is titled Traits of Bargain Hunters, posted on November 26th, 2012. You can become a bargain hunter. It just needs discipline and patience. Hopefully, if you become one, you will be able to find some good purchase items. I wish you the best in your quest to find value and increase the level of satisfaction of your standard of living.

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