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What The Republicans Should Begin To Do Now.

Election 2012 is now in the books. Obama is working on his second term agenda. Romney is back to business as usual. The Democrats and Republicans have to be ready for 2013.

     We discussed at length the election. We discussed what could have been and what wasn't. We also discussed what is likely to happen if the Republicans continue regarding voters casually. Now, what should they begin to do now? Itis very simple. They need to go back to basics. They cannot continue to be viewed as a party of no minorities. Why was Abraham Lincoln so popular? He was a fair man, history says. He knew about harsh realities of life. that is what a president is supposed to be like. You preside over issues of life. You use judgment, and not faulty judgment to be precise. Abe was all that.

     Republicans need to remember Ronald Reagan. Why did he win landslides? Remember the Reagan Democrats, they do matter? Yes, they were Democrats and they liked Reagan, they voted forhim not once but twice. Reagan appealed to a cmmon man. he talked about having meat in the market. he talked about putting food on the table. he revived social welfare, which the current right wingers affectionately call entitlements. Go do your research and find out. it is amazing.

Yeah, Republicans should begin going to basics! Stay tuned.

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