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President Obama Numbers Up!

President Barack Obama weathered the storm. He won the bitterly fought election. Now, according to an AP-Gfk poll, 57% of Americans approve the president's job performance. In addition, the jobs report had some good news for the president. Santa Claus is already in town for the president!

     Is Obama the Reagan for the Democrats? Is he the Bill Clinton of the Democrtas? Or he is just the Barack Obama for the Democrats? I do not know. I do know this, the Republicans cannot afford to keep underrating Obama. It is time they stopped and start coming up with concrete ideas of dealing with people's challenges in economic life. This is good advice which they can pay for millions of dollars but are getting it for free here. A 57% approval rating means the electorate is sending a message to congress. Hello McConnell! Hello Boehner! For the record, the Republican party is not a bad party. But it seriously needs a Reaganisque type advocate right now. Yes, someone who can briefly read prepared notes and handsomely lift his head up and look far ahead. Then with boldness and understanding pronounce the vision. Reagan connected with Democrats, Republicans and independents. He was a connector. Remember the landslides! When Reagan talked, you couldn't but just stop and listen. It did not matter what your party affiliation was. It does not matter what country you were from. Go and ask Mr. Gorbachev.

     There is a vacuum of leadership within the Republican ranks. It is time for the party to turn to the likes of Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, Ron Paul (maybe) and other moderate but conservative figures. Yes, if it continues being a party of no, all hope is going to be lost. If it continues to listen to talk show hosts who know next to nothing about about governing, it is likely to be extinct in future.

     The Democrats cannot continue to be cozy. There is need to refine the message and listen intently to struggling people in the country. Policy formulation has to be people centered and not ulterior motive driven. The electorate has waken up and it continues to.


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