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President Obama and the Democrats better at handling the fiscal cliff?

According to the Quinnipiac University poll just released, Democrats and president Barack Obama are trusted more to solve the fiscal cliff by the majority of Americans. While this is good news for the president and his party, Republicans ought to take a hint of this poll. Polls are just an opinion at that particular time. However, one still has to pay attention to what the results are saying.

     Someone in the Republican party need to stand up and be the voice of reason. This is time for compromise to forge a better working relationship with the president and his party. Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents America has ever had was known for working well with his opponents. He made the Republican party a glimmer of hope in times of hopelessness and deep despair. Lincoln, ironically from Illinois had heart. History tells us he was compassionate to a point he did not even take advantage of his opponents. Yes, even if he disagreed with them. My hope is the Republican party can see the wisdom of Lincoln. The party needs to ask itself what the general public is saying.

     A deal to avert a fiscal cliff scores points to both parties. The ultimate winner is the American people. Disaster would have been avoided. Failing to head to this early message will not do the grand old party any good. I have always maintained the Republican party is a party trying to do the right thing. However, extremism is destroying its stature and its message needs to be recalibrated. The critical question is whether the Republican party can listen to voices of dissent and be accomodative. Demographically, America is fast changing. Unfortunately for the GOP, the mix of the new demographics is not GOP friendly. This calls for it to reposition itself and counter the surging wave of the Democratic party. It is not too late, although it can be too late!

     The party of Lincoln needs to rise up again!

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