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President Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Working?

Upon assuming office, president Obama had no foreign policy experience. It was one of the issues senator John McCain pointed out repeatedly during the campaign leading to 2008 presidential election. During the recent election, governor Mitt Romney did not criticize the president much on foreign policy. Instead he focused predominantly on the Benghazi attack in Lybia. He also criticised China on foreign currency manipulation. We know that Romney lost the election. The electorate was not buying into his criticisms.

     Obama fared well during the election. Let us take a closer look at Obama's foreign policy. Is it working? The president, so far, has exhibited strong traits of resilient and objective. The president understands change better than most presidents. I listened to his speech during this year's United Nations General Assembly in the USA. It was a well reasoned speech and equally persuasive. Particularly when he talked about the age of cell phones and people have the ability to take express themselves through them. He also mentioned he was president of all people in the United states including those he disagrees with. This speaks to the crux of the matter: nations are driven into conflict and wars simply because of disagreement. Obama, in my opinion, has ably demonstrated a cool, calm and well intentioned attitude in terms of dispensing action where it is warranted. By involving the world in global conflict rather than taking the neo-cons attitude, this president has averted some conflicts. Granted, at some time one has to use force, if the situation demands as such. However, as far as sending someone's daughter or son in harm's way, one ought to think through this. It is not naive to wait and weigh your options. It is the right thing. Every human being is precious in the eyes God. it is a human being's choice to do what is morally right. Doing what is moraly right should not be required or demanded of us. Instead we should do that because it is the precise thing to do. It must be the norm or standard.

     At the end of 2008, the United States was viewed unfavorably by the world. At the time of writing this article, the trend has been changed. When the chinese president visited the USA last time, he stated in absolute terms that China is not an enemy of the USA. Is that true? I do not know. All I know is China is better off with the USA as a trading partner. Please an earlier blog article here concerning trade with China.

     Most recently, there are reports Russia, Syria's strongest ally, begins to feel President Assad is losing control to the rebels. This is where the American people need to wake up and understand that supporting the president in a lot off issues is a noble call of duty. Stop and think for a minute. The war hawks were already calling for going to war. When I heard that call, I am thinking, for real? Iraq is invaded, hundreds and and hundreds of thousands of people are kiled including some of those brave soldiers who defend us from terrosists who seek to destroy us. When I say us, I mean global citizens. During 911 peoples from all over the world were killed. Yes, peoples of all religions were killed including Moslems too. The critical question is: didn't we learn from that tragedy? It seems to me the president did learn. Vladimir Putin understands that very well.

     In answering the question is president Obama's foreign policy working, you make your own call. From watching the president since he took office, my conclusion is that he is not a weak or naive president as his adversaries would want to paint. The best person who can answer whether the president is weak or naive is the Saudi Arabian, Osama bin Laden.Yes, you read right. He enjoyed a fancy ride in a fancy limousine since Semptember 11, 2001. Then president Obama looked him in the camera and told him we are after you. You cannot hear him talk because he is dead.

    Stay tuned!

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