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Obama Foreign Policy

Ever since president Obama took over office, the USA credibility all over the world improved dramatically. He took a different approach than the neo-cons took. His approach was of solving problems with inclusion of everybody.

     Now, he wants to focus on the trillions of dollars spent on wars to strengthening the USA infrastructure. He wants to defend borders. He wants to focus more on home. In other words, he does not want the USA to be all things to all people. His central focus is coming back  home and trying to create manufacturing job. He hates dependence on foreign oil. He is trying to initiate moves that help with more oil drilling in the USA and reduces dependence on the oil cartel.

     His critcis do not see his brilliance. Too them he is just a black man in the White House. Some thinkhe is lazy. Yes, that was said by some of his critics. But is he? We have heard about him passing the buck on some issues? Is that real true? Let us examine these charges. Very few people in the leadership level criticized president Bush on the invasion of Iraq. Even after Hans Blix stated there was no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. In fact, a good number of those people who oppose Obama now, cheered for Bush's foreign policy then. Which of course, as history is showing is proving to be a disaster. Why change of heart now? ,

     From what we have seen so far, president Obama seems interested in having everybody have a fair shot in life. That is equally reminiscent of upholding the constitution of the USA. From what we have seen, when it comes to going after enemies of the USA the guy does not play or waver. I remember the chilling message he sent to Osama bin Laden. he looked in the eyes of the camera and told told the terrorist that we are after you and we are going to kill you. Now, that is bold. Now he has sent a message to the middle east particularly Egypt and Libya. During the United nations General Assembly he was criticized for not speaking with the new Egyptian president. Here is the question. Why should he? The Egyptian president can make a meeting plan and meet with him. Yes, why should he not have sought Obama? The media likes to criticize but fails to come to grips with what is reality. The media likes to cheer for their particular side even if it is in the wrong. Obama is getting more cooperation from the world leaders than before. Something is working right. If we want the world to be a safe place, we need to support this president. It does not matter what your party is or what nationality you are. We have to support him. The future belongs to all of us.

     Wouldn't it be nice to have the USA leading gas producing by 2017? I do not care who the president is, but if its going to lower my gas invoice, I am for it.

My advice to Obama critics is this, give fair criticisms. Bashing aint cutting it. I do not agree with the president on a number of issues. But that does not mean he is a bad president. I agreed with president Bush on some issues, and did not agree with him on some. Be fair and objective.

Stay tuned!


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