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Guns and Gun Control Laws

In the wake of the Connecticut shooting, debate is raging on what we ought to do about guns and gun control laws. This has been ongoing for quite a long time. Each time there is a tragedy of this nature, discussion erupts. While talking about guns and the related gun control laws is ideal, the real issue is effectuating measures that curb shootings. Rampant shootings are a result of some flaws which could have been fixed. This falls back to having more than just tough gun laws or control. Everybody needs to do his or her part. We cannot afford to relax and just think we are safe.

     When I think of the fact that those children and their teachers were massacred simply because we did not have a policeman or a security personnel manning the door bothers me. We do all these stimulus spending but we cannot direct funds to protect our children at schools. This bothers me. Yes, a guard serves as a deterent factor and makes the gunman think twice before coming in to commit such a grotesque act. The doors need to be secured at all times. I have seen doors where somebody is buzzed in, but that is not good enough. There is got to be a way of screening each visitor or know exactly why they are coming in for. How does someone get past security with such deadly weapon(s) and go unnoticed. This is beyond me. If America can send men to the moon, America can curb gun violence once and for all. Yes, guns are good but bad if abused. You do not burst into someone's house to do harm, because you know you might get your head blown away by a gun. In a way a gun presents a fear factor which inhibits home invasion or burglarly. However, when they are used by those who seek to destroy, and can slip in unnoticed, guns become a deadly weapon. The president is treating this issue with a high sense of urgency. This is welcome news. Meanwhile, we have to do our part. We have to be vigilante in our communities and schools. Today it might be someone's child, tomorrow it might be yours. This is an issue calling for concerted efforts from all walks of life. Combating it requires joint efforts from you and me. I have begun contributing to this issue with this article. If we keep silent, it means we have become participants of these tragedies. It is time we spoke up and acted.

     Schools are sources of learning and knowledge. But they can't be if pupils and students as well as teachers and professors are afraid someone might come anytime and kill them. Creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and absorbing knowledge is important. On the day the shooting happened, I went to pick my son. It hurt so much when I looked at him. Should I be afraid for the life of my children because we have inadequate tougher gun laws. Should I be afraid for the life of my children because we have not assisted in curbing tragic gun violence? Or should I be afraid because speaking against gun violence infringes upon the provisions of the USA constituition; that is the right to bear arms. The answer is no. Finding ways of addressing this issue effectively is an urgent need. We must act swiftly!

     Let us put ideas on the table that can assist addressing this issue. If everybody comes up with an idea and we run through them, you will be amazed of the progress we can make. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Brainstorming is no province for bad ideas. Instead it gives the opportunity to explore all faculties of our minds. We ought to review the gun buying process. We ought to see who can buy guns and how long they can wait.

     Guns are good as indicated earlier. But they are dangerous if used irresponsibly. Let us think about tomorrow since today is becoming of age. Every school personnel, pupils and students should feel safe. But for them to feel safe, let us do our part to help.

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