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Give Americans Credit

Twice Americans have elected an African-American as president. Odds about racism has been defied. There was much talk about Obama goint to lose the election because he was black. Political experts and pundits said race was going to be the number one one downfall for Obama.

     A conservative friend of mine confided in me he saw Obama's huge loss coming. He was shocked when I politely reminded that America has gotten past the yesteryear of bigotry. You still have the vestiges of racism firmly amchopred in some but you must be naive that racism is only in America. It is all over the whole world. It is an issue that is prevalent but is shied away from discussion.

     First, my hats off to the beautiful, wonderful farmland of Iowa. Yes, Iowa started the joourney of electing Obama four years ago. Iowa sealed the deal away. They repeated it again, they walked through the avenue of races and chose to look through wider lenses of vision. They beleived Barack can be president of the United States. My hope is that History will feature a favorable chapter in its annals. Yes, history should feature a chapter stating how Iowans chose to elect a first African-American president and broke the glass ceiling of racism in America. A state that is predominantly white, chose to send a message to America and the rest of the world. It gave a nod of approval. We have to learn from Iowans and try to build on their observation and knowledge. They cannot be wrong in choosing Barack Obama twice, or can they be? Time will tell.

     Overall, America is become again land of the brave. Only the brave will entrust the president to a race that has been considered second class for far too long. All you Iowans, you outdid yourselves. Among the noise, among the chatter, your voices of reason were heard. You spoke silently and the rest of the USA followed. You allowed the good Lord to move your hearts and you obeyed. Now, I do not agree with every single policy of Obama. Neither do I support some of his positions. However, I have to find out ways of working with him. He is a hardworking guy from what I have seen of him and observed. By electing him, America has send a message to the whole world. Yes, a black man is capable of leading even the most powerful nation in the world. Therefore, I am asking the world to give America credit. it has shown us its love and tolerance. I personally watched this election cycle. Yes, Ohioans white males holding placards and saying Obama all the way. It made me cry and realize Americans have heart and are wonderful people. And to all those who seek to destroy Americans, I say stop. They are very good people trying to help as much as they can. You have heard it from me. They do not go killing little children. They seek ways of rehabilitating the needy and the poor.

     So, from my own observation and through living experience, give Americans credit. Yes, you might disagree with them in many ways. That does not mean they are bad. Sometimes ideas clash but that does not mean fight them. Look at silent unspoken languages of how attractive America is. Long lines for getting visas. Even from countries that have expressed hatred towards America. Yet the country stands bold in its principles and quest of doing what is right. America is indeed a beautiful country. It deserves credit. Yes, if it does wrong we will speak but for now we are proud. These united states, republicans, democrats and independents have sent a message. We need to respect that. Indeed, give America credit!

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