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Fiscal Cliff Squabbles

The Republicans and Democrats are now entrenched in the fiscal cliff battle. The lines are drawn and neither side is willing to move an inch to the sobering line of reality. Could this be the final dagger that drives us over the cliff and let us fall down to a crippling effect way below? Only the clock knows the answer to that one. We do know though there is an urgency need to address this issue.

     The president just won the election. He does not feel like he has to dance to the tune of Republicans all the way. At least he gives some wiggle room. House speaker Boehner feels we are broke. Broke, he might feel we are but he does not feel a sense of urgency to address the issue. Where does this leave us? An impasse! Leaders are defined and emerge in times of crisis. Benevolent leaders rise up to the occassion. They assess facts and figures and act based on that. Currently, a lot of people are heavily affected by the current economic situation? Whether you are a member of the middle class or business community, you feel the pinch. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat you still feel the pinch as well. This makes for a compelling case for the two sides to reach a reasonable agreement. The need to be objective cannot be overemphasized. Cooler heads ought to prevail.  Both parties should awaken out of their drunken stupor and begin the people's business. They also need to understand that the constituition gives the president the right to pursue what is right. What does this mean? Well, you can spar with the president ideologically to a certain extent. But, ultimately the president is held accountable by the constitution and the people. But how can the president be held accountable if his opponents solely focus on blocking his efforts?

     Regardless of which position you are on this issue, let us agree action is urgently needed. Failing to act now is turning the key into an economic failure. This leads us into the question; why wait to be reactive instead of being proactive. The Republican party needs to recognize that it is still the pary of Abraham Lincoln. He was a fair man. He helped his opponents even in times of their fraility. He was interested in doing what is right. He focused on standards that were upright. Yes, such is the reputation of Lincoln according to history.

     We are living in times of great change. Various causes can be explained while others cannot. However, as human beings, we have the imagination and wisdom to fathom answers to our problems. Therefore it is up to congress and the president of the most powerful country in the world to act. The action is a matter of now!

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