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Election 2016 And Beyond!

Obama is president for another 4 years. If you are Democrat, probably you are as happy as a lark. If you are a Republican you want the election for 2016 to be here. Yes, you already have fashioned out the campaign message. You are beginning to preach a message of compassion, helping the poor, inviting minorities to join your party and you are looking to overhauling the immigration system.

     The loss of an election fuels so much energy in one direction to another. Have you listened to cable news network lately. They are analyzing what went wrong, particularly those who had Romeny measuring the drapes of the White House. But, in all sincerity, let us take a step back and look at things objectively. Before the Republicans start rebranding themselves, there is need to ask tough questions with tough honest answers. Is the Republican party a party of the minority? Is the Republican party still the party of Lincoln? Is the Republican party fully aware that the cold war is over? Is the Republican party willing to compromise and work with its adversaries? Why did the Republican party forget about the Reagan Democrats? Have the Republican party forgotten it was, they, who started the welfare system? Go back as far as 1983 and see how then president Reagan dealt with welfare system. The Democrats expanded it further. It seems to me the current republican leadership has short memories. Even George W. Bush knew how to be a compassionate conservative. Remember "no child left behind", faith based initiatives? He went to the inner cities despite being rejected and he managed to get votes he wanted to win. Guess what, he did win. He knew how the electorate map was like. It was not Karl Rove's genuis as some might want to believe. You live in a closeley divided nation and every single vote is crucial. Unfortunately Mitt Romney did not get the memo. So didn't his advisors and strategists.

     What is the rhetoric now? Well, from what I am hearing it is all about reaching the grassroots level. It is all about being understood. It is all about seeing what works well and what does not? Serious? Well, that is a good message for disaster in 2016. If the economy improves and no bizzare events happening, you might as well forget the White House. You might lose the house too. That will be sad but a possible reality. What should the Republicans do in the wake of the drubbing that just happened? First, seek to undertstand those who rejected you. You do not get them all at once but startegically you work at it little by little. Do not touch those talk show hosts with extreme conservative views. In my opinoin, they are not republicans. They have their own views and ulterior motives. That is network ratings and just care about themselves. Embrace minorities in your party. Take as many of your plays from Abe Lincoln's playbook. The guy was a genius. Now, cooperate with Obama. You might not agree with everything he says, but shows you are not a jerk. Remember, Barack Obama is president of all, good, bad, democrat, republican, independent, and all. Therefore he is required to solemnely defend the constitutional rights of these people. Because he is elected by the people of the United States, when it comes to upholding the nation's constitution there is no blue or red state. It is solely the United States of America. That is what makes America an amazing nation. It stands heads above the rest. The founding fathers of this nation faced the most powerful navy in the whole world. It was Great Britain. Yet with all the resolve they could muster, they summoned their courage and fought. It was not easy. The likes of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, to name a few were brave men who stood against what seemed the tyranny of the most powerful nation in the world then. Yet they conquered. It befits to say many people have benefited from these men's problems, challenges. History has been made. But for now, the Republicans need to get back in their game. Obama bashing aint cutting it. Every single world your leaders utter is being digested and sent over the internet by social media. Things have drammatically changed. You either learn from your mistakes or you get being hammered.

     It is not early to talk about 2016. You have to face it. Obama worked harder than you. He was not lazy as some of you wanted to believe. The guy works hard and smart too. If you think 2016 is going to be easy, think again. Obama has made history. Now he has to preserve his legacy. It is going to be one dog fight and you better be ready or else, fill in the blanks!

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