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Election 2016

Election 2016 is four years away. Yes, we will go through the same cycle we just passed through. First, primary debates, second then long presidential debates to elect yet another president. In the USA a president can only run twice. President barack Obama would not be running again. His vice president Joe Biden would, if he chooses to do so.

     During this time, the campaign would focus on what Obama did, and did not do. If the budget defict is still high, I can guarantee you that it will be a huge issue particularly on the Republican side. The talk will certainly be how Obamanomics failed. However, if the deficit begins going down, it will be a different tone and message during the campaign. The American elecorate weighs in and gives its thoughts. No matter who you vote for, the outcome will affect you one way or the other. Therefore it is imperative to begin dialogue on critical issues that affect our everyday life. These issues are so diverse but need cohesive support to be heard and acted on. You might think your voice does not make a difference, but it does. Just speak up. The world is supposed to be enjoyed. We are supposed to be fruitful. What is going right now is absurd! People killing each other. Wars going on. The list is endless. Yet the degree of responsibility has to come from all of us. Many issues need to be addressed. In this website, the central focus is on how to graduate college debt free. The blog section has articles that lay plans and ideas of how anybody can graduate debt free. My hope is to assist those who cannot go to college because of lack of funds. The dotcoms came and crashed, the stock market came and crashed, the housing market came and crashed. During these times very little was said. During campaigns these pending disasters were not mentioned as much. Then disaster struck. Now, we have a looming disaster waiting to happen if we do not address it. Student loans.

     My hope is that president barack Obama will soon begin addressing this issue. It does not have to be an economic disaster if it is addressed early. We cannot continue to ignore it. It is an attractive area to solve and shift the money being used for student loans into something else. More important, when students graduate debt free, it stimulates the economy immediately. Instead of paying those loans they can direct ther disposable income somewhere else. Uncle Sam will still get his revenue through taxes. It is not like he is going to miss out completely. We have to think mathematically and see the large benefits of this idea. Imagine all the financial resources directed through other avenues from the supposedly student loans!

     Dialogue ought to ensue so we can find ways and means of dealing with an emminent danger of these loans. Let us explore fervently and come up with ideas that eliminate student loans. Americans sent men to the moon. There was the hockey miracle. There was even the declaration of independence from the most powerful country in the world then. So, what do I see? I see America getting rid of school loans in the years to come! And the vision continues. Wouldn't that be nice?


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