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China scored big on Christmas Day

China benefited a lot from the birth of Jesus Christ celebration. It always does. My now 8 year old son wanted Christmas gifts. He got quite a few of them. His brother got some too as well. What was strange was that when I looked at where these toys and gadgets were from, they were all made from China. I looked at some of my neighbor's gifts, and they were made from China as well. This got me starting to think. Suppose 50,000,000 kids all get at least 2 gifts and they are all made from China, what is the net effect. Let us suppose they are priced at 15.00 each. You do the arithmetic. This is just on toys only. What about other goods that were purchased as gifts? You can tell, China is benefiting from Christmas holiday day. Here is a twist to the whole picture. What if the USA bans celebrating Christmas Holiday? What happens? Bingo! Because of banning the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth in the USA, China loses big time. Go figure!

     The above illustration explains the fact China needs the USA just like the USA needs China. The demise of one is the demise of another.

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